Why we are better...

With over 20 years experience in the automotive industry MyGarage has the experience to be able to offer quality repairs and even more importantly, provide the highest level of customer service possible at an affordable price that won't leave your pockets empty. Andrew has built his customer base and reputation based on this theory throughout his 20 years in this industry.


Although MyGarage is a full service repair shop, Tires are one of the most important and sometimes overlooked part of your vehicle. MyGarage knows the importance of having the proper tires for your application and how to maintain them to get the most out of your investment. We also have competitive pricing to save you money.

Fleet Maintenance

A main area that Andrew has a passion for and gained many years of experience is fleet maintenance. No matter if you have a fleet of 2 or 20, minimizing downtime is important, not to mention the cost of unexpected breakdowns. Ask us how we can help keep your vehicles maintained and running when you need them most.

Full Service Diagnostic and Repair

MyGarage has invested both time and money so you don't have to. At MyGarage we have the tools and the know how to provide quality diagnosis and repair to keep your vehicles running as they should.